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In your tactical gear ensemble, a tourniquet pouch is absolutely essential. At BFG Outdoor in Lokeren, Belgium, we fully recognize this pouch’s significance. That’s why we exclusively provide high-quality, robust, and long-lasting products. Rest assured, the tourniquet will be securely held within the pouch.

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Tourniquet pouch II Black

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Tourniquet pouch coyote brown

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Tourniquet pouch II coyote brown

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How does a tactical gear tourniquet pouch work?

A tourniquet might be one of the most important life-saving pieces of equipment. The tactical gear tourniquet pouch therefore needs to meet strict requirements. It needs to be firmly attached to a tactical gear belt or other gear, such as backpacks or chest rigs. Though it must swiftly open when required, it shouldn’t become detached during activity. Therefore, certain designs include a unique Velcro strip, also acting as a barrier against dirt. Dirt may adversely affect the tourniquet’s functionality and potentially render it unreliable in urgent scenarios.

Invest in a quality brand

At BFG Outdoor, we have different options of brands for a tactical gear tourniquet pouch available. One of those is the tactical gear of Tasmanian Tiger, which you can always rely on. Definitely go check out their pouches or other tactical gear. Feel free to call us at +32 (0)476 75 44 16 or send an email to info@bfgoutdoor.com when you have questions about these products.

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