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The tactical gear from Tasmanian Tiger is easily some of our most well-known gear of the best quality. At BFG Outdoor in Lokeren, in Belgium, we are famous for our wide range of the finest gear. We constantly seek fresh equipment suitable not just for military experts, but also for trekkers or those organizing a camping excursion. We provide all these at a competitive cost.

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Some of our selected tactical gear:


Dump pouch MKII coyote brown

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SGL mag pouch BEL M4 MKII coyote brown

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2 SGL mag pouch BEL M4 MKII Multicam

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Discover the tactical gear by Tasmanian Tiger

Whether you are looking for a belt, poncho or even a full-on holster for your weapons, we sell all of these products by this brand. Do you prefer the tactical gear holster in coyote or is black more your style? It is all possible with the tactical gear by Tasmanian Tiger. They created all their best tactical gear in different colors. Another quality product that you will find in our store, is the tactical gear tourniquet pouch. When going on a dangerous mission, this is an absolute must-have.

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Tasmanian Tiger is definitely not the only brand of tactical gear that we provide in our store. Another example is Warrior Assault Systems. Discover all of our brands today! If you still have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form. You can also call us at +32 (0)476 75 44 for more information.

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