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A tactical gear belt is not meant to be pretty, but rather comfortable and versatile. These belts need to make sure that all your gear stays where you need it. The last thing you would want is for your pants to start falling off in the middle of the mission. Thanks to the belts that we sell at BFG Outdoor in Lokeren, you will never have to worry about that.

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Some of our selected tactical gear:


Warrior belt LC size M multicam

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Equipment belt outer black 105cm

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Stretch belt black

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The benefits of a tactical gear belt

In theory, you could use a normal belt to hold up your tactical gear pants, but we highly discourage that. Due to the weight of your equipment and the many movements you do on a daily basis, classic belts won’t hold up very well. They will start hurting or simply break down. With a tactical gear belt from our store specialized in tactical gear you will barely notice all the equipment on your pants. The belts are equipped with cushions to make it more comfortable and a strong clip to keep it all together. Some models will even provide extra space for other tactical gear.

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