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When choosing tactical gear pants, it is important to check how comfortable they are. The pants need to hold up well with every movement you make. That is why you should take a look at our range of pants. At BFG Outdoor in Lokeren, we have multiple options which do not only move with ease, they also have plenty of pockets for all of your special gear.

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Some of our selected tactical gear:


UTP pants polycotton ripstop khaki M/Rege

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WOODSMAN pants Taiga green/ Black M/Reg

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OTP (Outdoor Tactical Pants) black XL/Reg

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What do our tactical gear pants look like?

With our tactical gear pants, you get the entire package. These quality pants have six external pockets and four that are sewn on the inside. You can easily choose where you put all of your tactical gear, without having to worry about running out of space. Another features of these pants are the wide belt loops. Your tactical gear belt will be well supported and you will barely notice it is even there. Just like our other clothing, you can wear these tactical gear pants everyday thanks to their discreet look and functional features.

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Are you already sold on the many benefits of these tactical gear pants? Place your order today and we will send them your way in no time. Don’t forget to take a look at our other products from famous brands, such as Warrior Assault Systems. You can add more features to your pants with the Warrior Assault Systems elastic pouch. For more information, contact us via +32 (0)476 75 44 16 or by sending an email to info@bfgoutdoor.com.

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