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The medic rip off pouch from Warrior Assault Systems is crafted to accommodate essential medical supplies. Its user-friendly layout allows for straightforward organization and securing items in elastic sections. This not only maximizes space utilization but also ensures quick retrieval of what you need in critical moments. Everything is possible at BFG Outdoor in Lokeren.

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The different sizes of our Warrior Assault Systems medic rip off pouch

Tactical gear comes in all shapes and sizes. That makes it easier to fit everything you need on your chest rig, bag or belt. It is also the reason why we provide the medic rip off pouch in different versions. With the smaller version of the Warrior Assault Systems medic rip off pouch, you get to hold two C.A.T’s, compression bandages, gauze, Bolin Chest Seal, and scissors. This pouch by Warrior Assault Systems only takes up three horizontal rows of MOLLE, while the slightly bigger version takes up four rows. Depending on your needs and space, you might want to choose for the even larger medic rip off pouch by the famous brand Warrior Assault Systems. All of these pouches are held securely in place by special Velcro. While it won’t come off during a mission, it can be pulled off when you need it to. Our pouches will never disappoint during your operation!

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Our Warrior Assault Systems medic rip off pouch can be combined with lots of other gear. Are you thinking of buying a tactical gear holster in coyote Tan to put your guns in? Or do you first want to take a look at our other tactical gear from Warrior Assault Systems? Leave your questions on our contact form and discover all of our gear today!

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