Z-8N GTX C dark brown

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Wind, rain, exhaustion: The full range of miserable weather conditions really comes into play during long missions. Anyone who is looking for a dependable partner who can provide optimal support even during marches needs to look no farther than the Z-8N GTX C and Z-8N GTX Ws C.

The major features of the Z-8N GTX C are the stability and support it provides in every situation. For this reason, the robust mission footwear is constructed of an upper material that is made of espe­cially top-quality and tough suede leather. The model’s mid-cut upper provides optimal stability and support to the vulnerable ankle area. To ease the stress placed on ligaments, muscles and joints during extended missions, the durable poly­urethane material of the sole has a range of hardness levels, a feature that creates excep­tional cush­ioning and stability.

The Z-8N GTX C is much more than a stable, supportive boot. It is also a highly func­tional light­weight footwear. It is perfectly designed for missions carried out on chal­lenging terrain and performs excep­tionally well on marches done with moderately heavy rucksacks. The footwear gets the support it needs from the complex design of the LOWA® Tactical Z Trac® sole. The multi­faceted qualities of the mission-optimised rubber mixture and the profile of the sole design are enhanced by its heat- and cold-insu­lating qualities. The sole is also resistant to oil, petrol and contact heat. The moisture-diverting GORE-TEX membrane stitched into the footwear also provides continuous and reliable protection from outside dampness – even during sweat-generating activities.

Anti­static, light and highly func­tional: The Z-8N GTX C is a trust­worthy partner who can meet any challenge that everyday use throws at it. To provide optimal support to women’s feet, the Z-8N GTX C comes in a version that is made with a special last for women.

Certified working boot according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012

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Fast-roping specialist with func­tional details. MORE …

An outsole designed by LOWA with an optimised rubber compound to provide good grip.


Poly­urethane (PU)

Poly­urethane (PU) is a soft plastic that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties and is usually used in the midsole as a result. Through the use of PU, the soles become light­weight and func­tionally flexible.


Approx. 90%

Felt is a textile fabric that is made of disordered fibrous material that is difficult to separate. The textile fabric is char­ac­terised by its high elasticity and its insu­lating qualities. As a result, it is used in particular as a component in insoles and as an insu­lating divider.

Approx. 10%

Poly­amides are plastics that are synthesised and can be used to produce man-made fibres as a result. In addition to their toughness, poly­amides are known for their form stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproof qualities. Poly­amides are also elastic, very stretchy and high gloss.


Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is a full-grain leather that is slightly sanded, a process that lends a velvety look to the leather. Nubuck leather is espe­cially durable, robust and open-pored. Depending on the desired look, nubuck leather can remain untreated or be oiled or waxed.


The shoe is equipped with lacing hooks with a closed design. The laces are guided securely and cannot slip out of their hooks. Closed lace hooks minimise the risk of the shoe getting caught on objects. MORE …

A special frame design known as LOWA MONOWRAP® provides an extra degree of stability. MORE …

The double-layer midsole is directly injected onto the footwear. The layers include carefully coordinated degrees of rigidity to create the best-possible comfort. MORE …


As a result of its construction, the footwear exhibits a strong resistance to bending.


Injected Construction

To create optimal cush­ioning and the very best comfort, the soles of LOWA multi­func­tional shoes are directly injected. The complex injection process attaches the slip-lasted upper directly to the sole. This method creates shoes that offer optimal cush­ioning and are partic­ularly light­weight.


Upper height meas­urement according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012: 200 mm
Upper height outside: 210 mm
Upper height inside: 175 mm
Design according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012: C (Boot Medium High)


1430 g/Pair (UK 8)


Please note that if it is intended to use the purchased products as personal protective equipment in accordance with Art. 3 No. 1 of Regu­lation (EU) 2016/425 (PPE Regu­lation), the user is responsible for checking the products for the presence of a corres­ponding certi­fication (see technical data of the product). If the product lacks a certi­fication required for use as personal protective equipment as defined by the PPE Regu­lation, the product may not be used as personal protective equipment or only for non-profes­sional purposes