Ultra M4 fast loader camo

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The perfect accessory for all professional airsoft players!

The magazine speedloader from Nuprol is an important piece of equipment for the professional airsoft player. With the help of the side-mounted crank, all Tokyo Marui compatible M4 / M16 mid-cap magazines can be wound in less than 5 seconds. Thanks to its compact size, the loading aid fits perfectly into any double M4 magazine pouch and can therefore also be taken with you on the playing field. The large filling capacity for up to 1600 6mm BB round balls enables approx. Twelve mid-cap magazines to be loaded before the speedloader has to be refilled.

Many airsoft players who often take part in matches are already annoyed when only the two words "load mid-caps" are in the room. This time-consuming and arduous task is usually carried out by the players in the save zone. The conventional and well-known "thumb-press" speedloaders are usually empty after a full magazine and then have to be reloaded. This speedloader provides a quick and easy remedy for these problems.

The speedloader is only functional with Tokyo Marui compatible M4 / M16 AEG or S-AEG magazines.

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Color: MC-Camo
Material: composite plastic / metal parts
Capacity: approx. 1600 shots (6mm BBs)
Suitable for: Tokyo Marui compatible M4 / M16 AEG / S-AEG magazines
Manufacturer: Nuprol Ltd.