Supertarp olive green

€ 59,00

Features :
Coated ripstop polyester construction
Reinforced seams
Nineteen reinforced attachment points
Two covers enclosed: a drawstring bag and zippered sleeve with mesh bottom for drying, attached to the backpack via nine webbing bands
Co-designed with
Cords and poles are not part of the set

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Weight [g]
3 x 3 m/ 118.11 x 118.11 in
100% Polyester

We have created a universal shelter cape for bivouac-goers. 19 attachment points provides for about an endless choice of possible configurations for all terrains and climes. To keep it lightweight, we made it out of plastic-coated ripstop fabric. Reinforced attachment points and glued seams guarantee durability and sealing. The zippered cover allows allows easy packing, even when wet. Eight ribbons allow to cinch the cover to the backpack, saving the internal capacity. The drawstring-compressed bad enclosed with the tarp allows to compact it for transport.