SILIUM+ csp black frame

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The Bolle Silium Plus safety glasses with CSP and PLATINUM technology are super light glasses for long wearing. Certified according to CE EN 166 - EN 172

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The Bolle Silium Plus goggles with CSP and PLATINUM technology is a super light goggle for long wear.
This innovative CSP coating is an efficient solution for all activities where strong and weak light alternate, and is suitable for extremely cold or hot temperatures. CSP is combined with the exclusive PLATINUM coating, which provides long-term protection against fogging.
The new exclusive anti-fog and anti-scratch PLATINUM coating with K and N certification guarantees even more safety, reliability and comfort. This wash (and soap) resistant coating is applied to both sides of the lens, giving them high scratch resistance and significantly delaying lens fogging.
- Featherweight frame
- Adjustable nose bridge
- Non-slip nose bridge
- Straight, ergonomic, extremely flexible temples
- PLATINUM coating
- Panorama view
- Latex-free
- incl. microfiber cloth
Certified according to CE EN 166 - EN 172
Weight: approx. 21 g