Premium gas 3.0 1000ml

€ 23,00

Nuprol 3.0 is a power up gas designed for harder recoil and better shot consistency.


Compared to most gases on the market, you can expect to see more consistent FPS between each shot but also end up with a higher FPS reading at the end of your magazine.


We DO NOT recommend the use of Nuprol 3.0 or 4.0 in weak bolt SMG's or Plastic slide pistols. Please refer to package for usage situations and temperatures.

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  • Famed cold weather performance
  • Metal nozzle and canister
  • Extreme performance
  • Low temperature efficiency
  • Exceptional trajectory control
  • Constant pressure stabilization
  • Non hazardous formula
  • Increase in FPS when you let your gas settle in the mags!
  • Protective pre-dust cover over metal nozzle to prevent damage in transit
  • Container: 1000ml
  • Capacity: 300g / 500ml
  • Pressure: 175 PSI / 12 bars
  • Box of 25 bottles
  • Exceptional trajectory control
  • Constant pressure stabilization
  • To be used mainly in winter