Original Mountain camo

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A piece watertight of material, with zippers around the edges. Aluminium coated on one side, camouflage colored on the other. A big enough poncho, big enough to be used as a wind sack - for sitting in it. Thats the way it all started, and The Jerven bag Original has been, and will remain unchanged! To put it in another way; the wheel cannot get to be more round.

Admittedly, we have made several new models of The Jerven bag, but those will
always be in addition to, not instead of The Jerven bag Original. This the single layer, light Jerven bag, which is permanent contents in the backpack. And thats the strength. Its there!

The minus is, that it creates condensation. The outer material is completely tight, but that is deliberate. Breathing materials are not tight enough when youre sitting in the soaking wet marsh. In addition, the materials let out heat. Oh, well. When you dont want to carry more than 600 grams, thats what you get. Yet, a single layer bag is still a thousand times better than no bag!

This is the bag for the small game hunter, the fisherman, the hiker and others, who are spending time outdoors.

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Weight: 650 gram - 143x143 cm.

Textile: Aluminiumscoated polyester.
Weight: Ca. 650 gram.
Camouflage: Woodland og Mountain. Orange/Rescue
Includes: Armings & Rescueflag.
Warranty: 10 year.