OCYS cutlery olive

€ 7,00

Weight: 31 g / 1 oz
Size: Set 17.5×4.5×2.1 cm / 6.89×1.77×0.82 in Prolong 25×4.5 cm / 9.84×1.77 in
Material: 70% Bio-based Polyamide (BIO-PA)

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Recyclable
  • Made in Borås, Sweden

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The OCYs splits up into a sharp knife, a fork with good grip and an extendable spoon. It stacks as a unit for easy packing and storage in your pack. The OCYs fits neatly in the original WILDO Camp-A-Box Basic and Light.

The spoon can be extended to a length of 25 cm. Hitch the knife over the first hook, then press them together until you hear a snap.

Bend the handle of the knife away from the spoon slightly as you press forward on the large snap hook.

Snap the cutleries Spoon, Fork, Knife, together to create a neat unit for storage.

Renewable Resources
The Ocys is a part of our Wildo Green Line. The 70 % plant based segment is composed from castor beans, reducing fossil impact and lowering carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in a more sustainable society.