Night vision goggle coyote tan

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Warriors NVG pouch will accommodate most modern models of dual and single style night vision devices. The NVG Pocket can fit spare essentials such as batteries. The walls of the pouch are padded to provide additional protection. The neck of the pouch has a nylon collar with a drawstring closure for added protection against weather etc.
Fits dual tube and binocular style NVG systems
Height 17cm ( 6.69" )
Width 13cm (5.11" )
Depth 10cm ( 3.93" )

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Premium Grade Fabric
500D Nylon fabric feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and long lasting durability, 500D Nylon fabric made with solution dyed yarns are inherently stain resistant and easy to clean.
High Quality Threads
Thread quality is fundamental to the construction, durability and strength of the equipment.
Two factors have a negative impact on the life Span of threads
1) Mildew is one of the most common factors in the deterioration fabric, causing it to rot and ultimately results in unacceptable failure.
2) Sunlight has a harmful effect on the performance of threads, and over time causes their deterioration.
Warrior only uses the highest quality nylon threads imported from the USA which are treated against both UV and Mildew.
Fiber Resistance to Acid - Good
Fiber Resistance to Alkali - Good
Fiber Abrasion Resistance - Excellent
Fiber Resistance to Heat - 142 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
Fiber Melting Point - 265 deg C
Plastic Hardware
Warrior only uses the highest quality rated Clips and accessories.
MOLLE System
This product uses MOLLE to connect to other items creating a modular and adaptive system.
* Products may differ from the picture shown due to product improvements over time