Lightweight basha olive

€ 30,00

This light weight nylon basha tarp from Mil-Tec is a generous size at over 8ft x 5ft giving you plenty of protection and options to configure your shelter to suit your needs and location.
It features a fabric loop and eyelet on each corner for securing. On each long edge there are 4 fabric loops. Across the ridge there are three loops. On each long edge there are opposing metal poppers so it can be fixed to another basha to create a larger shelter or connected back to itself to create a makeshift bivi bag.

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The Basha tarpaulin is a universal usable low weight tarpaulin. It is suitable for covering of equipment, as a shelter, or for rain, wind or sun protection.
- Material: 100% Nylon, Polyurethan coated
- Measurements: 260 x 170 cm
- Weight: 439 g