King size Mountain camo

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It has been told about a guy from here in Odda, that he was too big to be a human - and too small to be a troll.Okay. Grown up guys shall also have a Jerven bag. The King Size-bag is 220 x 143 cm, connected as a wind sack. This normally gives room for two. Or, you may stretch out all you want and sleep a little. With such a large «single unit-dwelling» the options are many.

The padding is the same as in the smaller Thermo bag. If youre over over 1.90 cm and 100 kilos (63/220 lbs)., choose the King Size Thermo.The King Size-bag is probably, due to its size, the most useful bag.The possibility to stretch the legs and really rest is sometimes worth its weight in gold. If you turn the inside out, youll have a warm quilt, for use at the cottag

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Weight: 1900 gram - 143x220 cm

Textile: Aluminiumscoated polyester.

Lining: Polyester Ripstop polyamide.

Wadding: PrimaLoft (60 grams per m²)

Weight: Ca. 1900 gram.

Camouflage: Wood og Mountain.

Includes: Armings, Rescueflag and Cushion Bag.

Warranty: 10 year.