Glock 17 safe+index&thumb holster coyote left handed

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6657 Safe+Index&Thumb is a professional duty holster in Injected polymer with 3 retention levels.

No attachements are included.

The belt or MOLLE attachements are available separately

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The first is the patented L.E.P – Locking on the Eject Port Automatic Safety System located on the side and ergonomically configured to facilitate a quick and natural draw as well as reholstering and locking, ensuring high safety performance and efficiency.

The second is the R.L.L. – Rotating Locking Lid system located on the top and made up of a protective hood that facilitates and streamlines drawing, holstering and locking the weapon. The third is the STR SYSTEM Safety Device, made up of a retaining screw that stops internal movement of the weapon, acting directly on the slide.

The body can be paired to the Multilink 2, RDC and RDC evo carry systems to use the same holster on any support and to move it quickly thanks to a three screw fastening centre distance spanned at 120° and a multi-position rotating disc.