gas cartridge 4-seasons 230g

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Optimus 4-Seasons Gast Cartridge - 230g

The Optimus gas cartridge contains a high-quality gas mix of propane, butane and an increased amount of isobutane, which has a particularly low boiling point. Even at temperatures around freezing, stable performance is ensured to reliably operate outdoor stoves in all seasons as well as at high altitudes. The cartridges are protected from damage by an innovative valve, which also indicates whether the cartridges are used or new.

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Features of the Optimus gas cartridge 4-Season

  • Gas form: isobutane (70%), propane (25%), butane (5%)
  • Material: steel
  • With stoves that support 4-season mode, the gas reaches the best possible performance (Vega or Polaris)