DFP triple bungee, low profile elastic 5.56 mag pouch multicam

€ 38,00

Warrior’s Detachable Triple Bungee, Low Profile Elastic Pouches (W-LC-DFP-TB-LPE-556P) are designed to securely hold a wide selection of 5.56mm magazines in a low-profile configuration, including Metal, Magpul, Magpul Gen 3 and CAA. Designed to lay flat when magazines are removed. Ideal for also carrying radios, flash bang devices, smokes, tourniquet’s, bandages, handheld GPS, etc.

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Manufactured using US Mil Spec elastic with an external reinforcement strip made from high quality laminate to add strength and protection. Comes with removable bungee retention and Hypalon pull tab for occasions when extra security is required such as freefall or fast roping.
Attaches to Warrior's LPC, RPC and QRC plate carriers via Velcro and 2 male ITW style clips for rapid removal and change out.