Detachable front panel MKI coyote tan

€ 60,00

Warrior Assault Systems Detachable Front Panel MK1 has been designed to be compatible with the full range of Warrior's latest armour carriers ( LPC and RPC). The DFP-MK1
quickly attaches via Velcro and quick release clips to the front of the carrier.

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The DFP-MK1 comprises of 3 mag pouches with adjustable bungee retention, which are designed to hold 5.56mm NATO mags, and can be adjusted to hold AK 7.62mm style mags.

Sewn onto the front of the DFP-MK1 are 2 x small utility pouches, with Velcro tabs for attachment of patches. In the middle of both utility pouches there are rows of MOLLE sewn on to the front of the remaining mag pouch, which allows the attachment of additional pouches of your choice. Elastic loops are positioned on either side for storage of chem-lights, small torches, plasti-cuffs etc.