DCS special forces releasable plate carrier coyote tan size L

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The releasable system is a lightweight armour carrier, which accepts both soft and hard armour solutions in front, rear and side integrated pockets. The carrier is covered all round with multiple rows of 1 inch matched camo MOLLE webbing which allows the attachment of a large selection of pouches in multiple mission specific set ups.

2 x side cummerbunds allow ambidextrous opening and closure, via Mil Spec Velcro sewn on the lower front of the carrier and sandwiched under a front panel. The front panel has 3 vertical MOLLE rows and 6 horizontal MOLLE loops, which allow direct attachment of immediately accessible items such as magazine pouches. Thumb loops in 1 inch webbing greatly expedite the upward movement of the front panel to allow either cummerbund to be opened.

The internal walls of the carrier have a 3/8s inch 3D Spacer mesh lining that allows heat from the body to evaporate, this coupled with its ability to allow air flow to pass through the mesh, results in an excellent cooling effect. The 3D Spacer mesh has positive compression features that greatly enhances the operator’s comfort levels. The shoulder sections of the carrier are comprised of double layered 2 inch Mil Spec Camo webbing and are covered with removable padded sleeves which help to spread the weight of the carriers load on the operators shoulders, the sleeves can also be opened to allow communication cables and hydration tubes to be routed through.

The rear of the carrier has a 2 inch matched camo reinforced Man Down drag handle, for extraction of casualties.

The carrier is fully releasable, should the user need to rapidly remove the carrier in an emergency situation, for example if he falls into water, or if a medic needs to treat a serious trauma injury. The carrier incorporates an internal cable system, featuring an ambidextrous release pull. The release pull is securely located in the shoulder and allows a smooth, rapid separation of the front, back and sides of the carrier into individual components.  The carrier is fully adjustable for size on the shoulder and girth.

All Threads are Type 69 Nylon Bonded construction, which are resistant to mildew, the effects of UV light and degradation form water, heat and cold.

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Product Features

  • Integrated quick release mechanism.
  • Holds Soft and Hard Armor.
  • 3 D Spacer Mesh lining.
  • Constructed from 1000D Mil Spec Camouflage fabric.
  • 1 Inch Matched Camo Mil Spec webbing.
  • 2 Inch Matched Camo Mil Spec webbing.
  • Padded Shoulders.
  • Light weight.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Available in Small to Medium, Medium to Large.
  • Weight: 3.23 lbs.