Blaster Red tracer 0,25gr

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ASG Blaster BBs are famous in the airsoft community and for good reason, their quality is simple outstanding and they are the perfect ammunition for both indoor and outdoor airsoft skirmishes! With a high precision size of 5.97mm (+/- 0.01 mm) these are the perfect ammunition for anyone's airsoft gun but really come into their own in tight-bore barrels. Being the tracer range of the ASG Blaster series these BBs are manufactured with a fluorescent UV pigment that glows bright red when exposed to UV light in a tracer unit and helps light up each of your shots giving an amazing tracer experience to your airsoft skirmishes!

ASG are meticulous to make sure their BBs have the ideal shape and all of the weights are within +/-0.01g of their stated value. The BBs are all highly polished and show great aerodynamic properties helping you to achieve higher precision shots with your airsoft gun!

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  • Size - 5.97mm (+/- 0.01 mm)
  • Weight - 0.25g (+/- 0.01g)
  • Red tracer BB
  • Highly polished with friction reducing coating
  • High precision made BBs
  • Manufactured with UV fluorescent compound - ultra bright green tracer BB
  • Convenient bottle for storage
  • 3300bb´s