2-fast EXTREME holster for M&P9 black

€ 100,00€ 70,00

6700 2-Fast EXTREME is a professional duty holster for extreme use in Injected
polymer with 4 retention levels.

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The first is the automatic safety system Evolock-S
Evolution Locking System, an internal locking mechanism activated by the weight
of the weapon, quick-release and simple. The second is the Rotoloop-S system,
an external weapon protection strap with automatic opening by means of a pressactivated
rotating mechanism. Thanks to the 2-Fast solution, the two systems are
integrated and can be activated simultaneously during the draw with a single, natural
movement of the thumb. The third is the Roto Guard Safety Device, a protective
shield against bumps or extraction attempts that can be paired to the Rotoloop-S,
LL Look Loop and Rotolock systems. The fourth is the BS-PRO – Back Shield
Protection device, a rigid tab located behind the release lever in order to prevent
releasing from behind. The fifth is the STR SYSTEM device, made up of a retaining
screw that stops internal movement of the weapon, acting directly on the slide. The
body can be paired with the Multilink 2 carry system, a three-screw fastening centre
distance spaced at 120° to attach the same holster onto any support.