Hunter mountain camo

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This has become the super bag for the hunter on watch And thats not without a reason. Being able to stretch the legs when the hours get long is worth gold.

Measurements as a wind sack are 2,2 x 1 meters. Two-way separable zippers offer a lot of options. Moreover, its light. Only 1500 grams (3.3 lbs). When you are sitting like in this picture, the heat flows upwards and keeps both face and hands warm.

While in the woods its not advisable to make the least of sound when the firing moment is getting closer. Here you may bring out the gun (which has been placed under the flap, due to rain) without pulling the zipper as that sound may be

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We carry orange colored Jerven bags, Thermo Hunter and The Jerven bag, Thermo Extreme, in stock. This is the identical bag. The difference is the thickness of the padding. Hunter has PrimaLoft 60 grams per m², and Extreme has 200 grams. The size, as a wind sack, is 220 x 100 cm.

Rescue helicopters, the Civil defence, the Red Cross, the Military, domestic and abroad, foreign rescue departments, etc. have taken the Jerven bag in use as rescue equipment. The reason is simple enough. The Jerven bag retains the body heat better than the traditional woollen blankets, etc.

Rescue crews on search for missing persons in the mountains, ought to carry The Jerven bag in the orange color with them. Both as a safety for their own lives, and for wrapping around frozen persons.

The heat effects from the different Jerven bags are described in the SINTEF-report

Textile: Aluminiumscoated polyester.
Lining: Polyester = Ripstop polyamide.
Wadding: Primaloft (60 grams per m²)
Weight: Ca. 1500 gram.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             size: 102 x 220 cm
Camouflage: Woodland og Mountain.
(also i Rescue-Orange)
Includes: Armings, Rescueflag and Cushion Bag.
Warranty: 10 year.