E-RAZ compact grenade Anise Green

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Heavy Duty Polymer
Reusable Design
360° Coverage

A gas-powered rotative grenade which detonates on impact, sending 100 BBs to every corner of the room. It is easy to set up and can be endlessly re-used to harass and annoy the enemy team, provided you have a can of gas and a bottle of BBs!

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The E-RAZ grenade is a gas powered Airsoft grenade, which is filled with gas and BBs, and once thrown spreads a slew of BB's in all directions. These types of grenades are seen as an alternative to traditional cardboard pyro as they can be re-used again and again to save your money going up in smoke. The grenade works by activating on impact, meaning it needs to be simply dropped or thrown against a hard surface to make it go off. When activated the grenade uses the Airsoft green gas stored inside to not only propel the BBs, but cause the grenade to spin as well, spreading BBs in every direction.
The grenade itself is constructed from heavy duty polymers, and is built with a one piece design making it very hard wearing and perfect for long time re-use. Thanks to the design of the filling port the grenade can also be used with a wide range of Airsoft Green Gas and BB brands, meaning you don't need any special equipment that you don't already have as a standard skirmisher.
The grenade is very easy to set up and use. Simply insert the safety pin, fill using any standard Airsoft Green Gas bottle, and then use a speed loader to fill BBs into the filling port on the side of the grenade. Once you are in-game and ready to use the device simply pull the pin and throw it. The impact of the grenade on the ground will release the internal mechanism which releases the gas and activates the device. The grenade can the be reset easily by pushing down the reset button and re-inserting the safety pin ready for the grenade to be refilled.
This Airsoft grenade is perfect for those Airsoft skirmishers who love the use of grenade for clearing rooms, or for clearing around corners, but dislike the high costs of running blank firing grenades or traditional cardboard pyro. The grenade is cost effective, and does the trick without looking or feeling cheap. Grab yourself an E-RAZ airsoft grenade and step up your room-clearance game.
Gas Powered
The E-Raz grenade is powered by gas, meaning it can be re-used indefinately as long as you have the gas to refill it.
Simply re-fill the grenade with BBs and Gas and you're ready to go again. Save your money going up in smoke with traditional pyro.
Impact Activated
The E-RAZ is activated when the grenade impacts on a hard surface after being thrown.
100rnd Capacity
When the grenade activates a hundred tiny stinging balls fly out covering the room in hits.
Tough Polymer Construction
Since the grenade is designed to be thrown it is built with high rade polymers to make it last.
Safety Pin System
To make sure you accidentaly don't let off the grenade a safety pin has been added. Frag out!
Standard Gas Fill Valve
The grenade can be easily re-gassed using any Airsoft Gas bottle, as it shares the same fill valve as magazines.
Runs off Green Gas
The E-Raz is powered by standard green gas, the same used in pistols and rifles, so you don't need to buy special gas.
Works with all brands of BB
The E-Raz is not fussy with BB types or brands like some grenades, and works with most BBs on the market.
Attractive Hex Pattern
If you're going to throw something at the enemy, why not make it look good? It also makes it easier to grip.
Wide range of colours
Available in Grey, Blue and Orange, depending on your personal tastes. Orange is the easiest to find.
360° dispersion
The grenade will launch its BBs in all directions, ensuring the room is cleared out.
One-piece body design
The unit is made from one piece, making it more durable and resistant to damage from impact.
Easy to use
The grenade couldn't be easier to use. Insert the pin, gas and fill with BB's, pull the pin and throw
Easy to reload
The E-Raz can be filled with any standard green gas bottle and a speed loader.
Package Includes
E-RAZ Gas Grenade
Special Instructions
Please note that dismantling this grenade may void your warranty. If you need to service this grenade, simply remove the gas inlet valve with a large flat bladed screwdriver or specialist valve removal tool. Then drop a couple of droplets of maintenance oil inside before re-priming with gas. Ensure the inlet valve o-ring is kept lubricated should ever gas start to seep.
This is not specialist maintenance! This is very low level maintenance compared to other gas propelled grenades on the market.