Airsoft FAST paratrooper helmet olive

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OPS Core is the big dog in military helmets the last years. Their design are both functional, comfort and well designed. Mil-Tec is offering the Airsoft world a very affordable version of the Fast Base Jump Helmet.
The Base Jump helmet is the same design as the Ballistic and Carbon FAST helmets but with a polycarbonate shell and molded front NVG mount. It offers no ballistic protection, but is mainly designed for Search and Rescue, Airborne and Amphibious missions.

The lightweight construction helps create less fatigue but still retain the same amount of protection necessary for high intensity Airsoft Skirmishes.

The integrated NVG mount is part of the shell and its design allows the attachment of various Night Vision devices. The helmet comes with bungee cords that secure the NV devices while on the helmet, when in use or not.

The side rails are a must for the attachment for various accessories, usually for tactical lights and Action Cameras. Bear in mind, that an adapter is needed for the installation of these accessories.

Te helmet offers a wide range of adjustability when it comes to its size. The chin strap secures the head and it can be released via a side release buckle. The internal padding is removable and adds comfort to the use. The helmet sits on a specially designed headband that can be adjusted as easily as turning a knob

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Mil-Tec Ops Core Fast Base Jump Helmet - Olive

  • Integrated NVG mount

  • Bungee cords to secure NV devices

  • Side rails for the attachemnt of tactical accessories

  • 4 point adjustable chin strap

  • Removable, adjustable internal padding

  • Adjustable size via dial button

  • Weight: 900 gr

  • One size fits all